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North Dallas Trombone Choir

Formed in 1994, The North Dallas Trombone Choir (NDTC) is a multi-piece all volunteer group who shares a love of playing trombone and performing good music. The NDTC rehearses weekly and performs regularly. Music styles include gospel, classical, jazz & pop, and performance venues include churches, weddings, concert halls, gazebos, and the ever-popular Great American Mall (see picture below).

The NDTC recently produced its first audio CD featuring music written and arranged by some of its members. Like its performances, the CD contains a wide range of NDTC playing styles.

So what does a trombone choir sound like? Here is a short audio sample of a chorale-like tune performed by the NDTC. (600k mp3)

The NDTC is available to perform at your next special event, wedding, or church service. If you would like more information about NDTC music/performances, or are interested in obtaining a copy of their first CD ($12.50), write them at booking@tbones.org.

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